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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Biotic Bugs Infest Colonies

ANN News Desk

On Location on the colony world of Martel

April 12, 2198

Biotic Bugs Infest Colonies

by Paul Wolfram

Patrice Province, Martel – <The scene opens with a human correspondent in an ANN news studio>

“We now bring you a live report from the colony of Martel. Paul, can you tell us the situation there?”

“Yes. Behind me you can see the streams of people, thousands of them, fleeing their homes from sudden attacks by what the local government describes as biotically enhanced alien insects. These appear to be similar to an insect species native to the planet Tuchanka, although at this moment there is no indication of when or how they arrived on the planet. As you see in the distance the militia is attempting to take down several of what look like cybernetic versions of thresher maws.”

“Thresher maws, Paul?”

“Indeed Marty. Except these ones don’t spit acid, but instead use some kind of energy beam to attack their targets.

<Sounds of fighters buzzing overhead>

And those are the planetary militias air forces engaging what look like harvester creatures.”

“Paul, does that mean we are dealing with Reaper’s forces?”

“As of right now we have not seen any Reapers or intercepted any of their signals. In fact these ‘klixen’ seem more intent in demolishing or consuming anything within reach rather than carry out the type of harvesting we saw during the invasion.”

‘What about an Alliance response, Paul?”

“So far we have not seen any Alliance forces arrive on the colony, although local government officials assure us that they are in contact with the office of the prime minister and that reinforcements are on the way.”

“We can only pray that they arrive soon. Thank you Paul for your reporting and stay safe.”

<The ANN correspondent nods and signs out.>

“That was Paul Wolfram signing out. We will update our reporting as new information comes in. For now this has been Martin Chow, from our ANN studios in Hong Kong, signing off. Good night and good luck.”

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