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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Hacking Attempts Discovered


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From the ANN Extranet Security News Desk

June 3, 2197

Hacking Attempts Discovered

by Andrew Kobal

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Further investigations into the recent DD0S (see: Massive DD0S attack roils extranet) attack on multiple extranet nodes revealed attempts to insert trojan VI to destroy or alter key data storage sites containing negative articles or information related to the current government of the human dominated colony of Libertas and destroy any records of the popular net comic Laura the Starfighter (see: Cartoonist Tried In absentia) whose creator J.J. Clancy is on the run from the local authorities.

According to sources close to the internal investigations most of the VIs were intercepted and either quarantined or erased from the affected systems. Of those that failed to stop the insertion of malware recovered quickly after data backups came online. Both service providers and their clients are conducting second and third tier scans of their systems before declaring them free from said malware. According to an industry spokesperson the results of the investigation are now in the hands of the relevant authorities.

So far Libertian authorities have denied any involvement with the attacks.  The Alliance government issued a stern warning to the government of Libertas that further attacks will not be tolerated.



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