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Mass Effect/ANN News: Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan


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ANN News Now

January 5, 2197

Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan

by David Rukil

ANN News Center, Vancouver – Sources close to the leadership of the Quarian Merchant Fleet report that the fleet will transport over sixty thousand batarian troops belonging to the 1st Mechanized Corp (composed of three divisions, with twenty thousand troops each plus their equipment) to Khar’shan in the next week. Is this the long awaited assault on the beleaguered batarian home world? According to ANN resident military expert, Lydia Mugabe, this forces comprises the first of a force that may number in the millions:

“The Reaper War taught us that even with complete control of the space around a world, it still takes significant time and effort to uproot an entrenched enemy willing to resist an invader. This mechanized corp will secure a staging area for follow on forces.”

Spokespersons for the Batarian Assembly  have refused to comment on the report but assured ANN that they would do their utmost to keep the press informed and grant access to their forces as time and security allowed.


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