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Mass Effect: Hive

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: V ——- The walls of the narrow concrete corridor shook with the bark of shotgun blast and the growls of the pressing horde of Husks. “You know, I am having a great time here,” shouted Turtman between volleys of fire, “But we are running out of thermal clips here […]

Mass Effect: Hunted

Tweet of the Day: The Arthur Stone ——- Rodan’s belly rumbled,”Three days with nothing but filtered water will do that to you,” he whispered. The jungle did not deigned to answer. The Occuli destroyed his rations when it blasted the cockpit to oblivion. And due to his alien biology there was nothing on the entire […]

Mass Effect: Foxtrot

Tweet of the Day: Gaming Interlude: The Long Dark ——- ——- The water hummed with the soft whirl of a dozen propellers. A constellation of lights illuminated the crystal clear water. Some came from the divers helmets, others from their vehicles, two large underwater sleds and a slew of diver propulsion vehicles. A pair of […]

Mass Effect/ANN News: Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan

Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa – Treacherous Cobblestones ——– ANN News Now January 5, 2197 Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan by David Rukil ANN News Center, Vancouver – Sources close to the leadership of the Quarian Merchant Fleet report that the fleet will transport over sixty thousand batarian troops belonging to the 1st Mechanized Corp […]

Mass Effect: Harvest

Tweet of the Day: Experience – Uniqueness ——- The ground shuddered beneath his feet. The sound of gunfire echoed down the narrow corridors. Two pairs of eyes blink in confusion. Death comes for me. OBEY THY MASTERS. OBEY THY LORDS. He clutched the side of his head. The voices would not stop. Only death’s sweet […]

Mass Effect: Negotiations

  Tweet of the Day: The Return of Pulp ——– The backroom’s walls thrummed to the rhythm of the music coming from Gozu district least reputable dance bar. A cone of light illuminated the poker table top in the middle of the room. Jotun,  Beyond‘s batarian owner, sat at the table surrounded by bodyguards. Smoke […]

Mass Effect: Alliances

Tweet of the Day: What do a tortured vampire and a poisoned witch have in common? ——— “You wanted to see me, Wrex,” said Clan Chief Turtman. Wrex stood in a balcony overlooking the Kelphic valley, “Yeah. Good work on Lorek.” “It was easy. The only real opposition was inside the bomb factory. The local […]

Mass Effect: Liberation

Tweet of the Day: A Little Old Jazz ——– Combat boots trampled fresh snow into mud. This refugee camp at the edge of the New Canton colony was like a dozens others he visited during the last ten years , a hive of pre-fabs stacked three and four high. This one shivered under a steel […]