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TV Tropes Monday: Breath Weapon



Tweet of the Day: TREBAH, CORNWALL


Myths and legends require legendary heroes and…well…mythical monsters. And nothing impresses the audience than a nigh invincible creature, as tall as a skyscrapper and vomits forth destruction gigantic maw.

That’s right, the nasty bugger has a Breath Weapon attack.

This attack form is common in western dragons, who, whether wise or destructive tend to breath fire down upon their foes, worse if they do so on the wing. But other reptiles also spit all manner of deadly or noxious breaths such as acid, lightning, thunder, toxic gas or in the case of the big boy from Japan, known in the West as Godzilla, it is a blast of pure atomic energy.

I know, it makes no sense, just roll with it, or more to the point, run in abject terror while somebody greenscreens the demolition of a city behind you in post-production.

Whatever works.

It can also be used in a comical fashion, if the attack in question is a nasty case of bad breath or the natural result of an upset stomach. Either way, it is something to avoid at all costs.


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