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TV Tropes Monday: The Battlestar


Art by Tom Gauld

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 9.9: What to do When Truth is Stranger than Fiction


Battleship+Aircraft Carrier+Space= The Battlestar.

This trope runs of the Rule of Cool. It meshes the aura of power that comes from the battleship’s big guns plus thick armor with the romance of the ace pilot going against the odds in one to one duels with enemy aces. It can lead to all kinds of story set ups. A story can focus on the battlestar captain who bears the heavy weight of the life of his crew on his shoulders. It can also focus on the lonely pilot, hundreds of kilometers from his home base struggling to survive in the cold dark of space. You can have dogfights along side capital ship slug fests.

A look at the tropes page may discourage you from using this trope, since it lies on the lighter side of the sci-fi hardness scale. Then again, nobody has fought a war in space, so any warfare tropes applied to that environment exists squarely in the fiction side of science fiction.


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