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TV Tropes Monday: No Such Thing as Alien Pop Culture

Tweet of the Day: It’s the End of the World Flash Fiction Contest


“Places everybody! Everybody, remember hats! Proud Warrior Race guy, here you go, your laser battle pole axe. Logical race dude, here your bandanna and receding hairline for massive forehead thing. Planet of the noble savages, careful with that, we don’t want you to set your loincloths on fire. Ancient pointy eared dudedettes with no sexual hangups, make sure to tape up those spaghetti bras. We want titillate not get hit with protest from politicians.”

“And what is my hat?”

“You…you’re aaah….ah Earth, here hold on to this guitar and this poster of Stevie Wonder.”

“What, no philosophy or arts or anything?”

“No dude. Hey bring surf board! Nah, you’re thing is pop culture, okay?”

“That’s it?”


“But they are all aspects of humanity, how come they don’t get spiffy pop culture references or Twitter accounts?”

“Cause that’s not their thing, okay?

“Thousands of years of cultural evolution and all I get is bad jokes about the latest tabloid news?”

“We gotta keep the show topical. Besides, this is the first episode, we only have so much white space on the script, you know?”

“Kinda a bad start.”

“Don’t worry, the writers will deal with it in the off season.”

“If there is one.”

“Yeah, whatever…hey gangster dudes with the bad New Yack accents, where the heck are you going?”


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