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TV Tropes Monday: Humanoid Aliens

  Tweet of the Day:  Links Roundup 02/10/17 Those pesky aliens are so troublesome. You want to inject an exotic element to your expansive space opera but if you make your aliens well…too alien, you will spend more time in info dumps about their physiology or culture than in shoot outs with space pirates (or […]

TV Tropes Monday: Intelligent Gerbil

  Tweet of the Day: A Solution for Long-Term Living on Low-Gravity Planets ——- In the sliding scale of “How Alien are your Aliens?” the Intelligent Gerbil falls next to Rubber-Forehead Aliens (you know the ones from Star Trek with extra ridges on their forehead or a few spots on their necks). The Intelligent Gerbil […]

July 2013 Blog Chain: Dog Days of Summer

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 21a – iDo It Again ——- You read the title, you know the drill, another month, another blog chain: Starting Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: Dog Days of Summer In other words, the hottest and […]

Lessons from the Aether: Alien, Aliens, Jaws and Monstrous Shadows

Tweet of the Day:  Ruthless Writing: Make Your Characters Hate You ——– These two horror movie classic from the late 70’s have one thing in common. They don’t show the monster until the very end. In the case of Jaws it was due to the fact that they could never get the mechanical shark to […]

TV Tropes Monday: No Such Thing as Alien Pop Culture

Tweet of the Day: It’s the End of the World Flash Fiction Contest ——- “Places everybody! Everybody, remember hats! Proud Warrior Race guy, here you go, your laser battle pole axe. Logical race dude, here your bandanna and receding hairline for massive forehead thing. Planet of the noble savages, careful with that, we don’t want […]