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A Look Back at Season 2 of Wizards’ World War

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January 3, 2012

The kickoff point for Season 2. Only seven months ago, give a week or two and yet it feels like I have been doing this for ages. A fairly good set of ages I may add. What started as a sort of spin off of Season 1 bloomed into its own story. Not only that, it curled itself around the Arthurian legend and gave it a series of twist I couldn’t image.

“But surely you are the writer, you must know what is to come?” you say.

“Nay” I mean nay, for I am a discovery writer, the words write themselves.

Sort of. I mean I had a few ideas coming in, but nothing concrete. That’s the beauty of this format, I can throw down whatever I like as long as it fits (again, sort of). That means that I’m surprised at every turn. Lets start with Gwendolyn Mac Lir. She started as the prototypical Action Girl/Badass Bookworm with Excalibur thrown in for good measure. I also wanted to reverse the relationship between the main character and the sidekick. Here Owen is the psychic sidekick, but mainly a Non-Action Guy. Samara was and Action Girl/Knife Nut like Owen, but while Samara was all grace and stealth, Owen is more “Grrr…stabitty, stab, stab!”

Beware the nice ones indeed.

I also wanted a different dynamic. Arthur and Samara were an item from post one. Gwen and Owen, not so much. For those wondering (SPOILERS) Owen did not rape Gwen, although he came close. That is he tried to use his powers to influence her instead of letting the relationship  evolve (or fall apart) on it’s own. A bad move on his part, and one that Gwen rightfully resented and one he deeply regretted. I didn’t know, and I did not expect them to overcome this giant obstacle, but somehow they did in what turned out (for me) to be a very emotional and intimate scene between the two of them.

Then you have the politics.  Most of my readers from across the pond (okay, the one lurker from Scotland) might find the whole idea of a present day Welsh rebellion downright ludicrous. I mean, the Welsh? Really? But I wanted a Welsh protagonist so yeah. And considering the current political climate, not as far fetched as it sounds, if you add wizards to the mix of course. Yes, the Prime Minister (who goes unnamed except for a bland first name) was another character that I liked. I don’t agree with his politics, but it would have been too easy to put someone whose views I agree with as a hero (of sorts).

Then came the (again spoilers) burning of London. I delayed it for as long as I could knowing that the story would pivot around it. I am not entirely happy with how it came out, not enough detail for my taste. Will see if how much of it survives after I re-write it, one day.

Overall, an awesome experience. I hope you like it and you can expect Season 3 to start some time in September.

Now time to focus on my WiP.



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