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Weekend Roundup: June 12th – 18th With Potter News!

Tweet of the Day: How To Write Engaging Dialogue ——- I’m sure you heard about Pottermore by now. Who hasn’t? There even a countdown clock and everything. Just one itty bitty detail. No one knows what Pottermore is, except for Rowling. And there is the last movie (see trailer below) so this will be the […]

Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue: On Trial

Tweet of the Day: Conflict- Beyond Arguments and Fistfights ——– 3 – 5 ——– Tyrwyr’s, my dwarven advocate,  voice thundered across the forum, “…and today you will see that no crime has been committed. No false promises laid, and not rapture or leave from family or friends. Merely an act of two young lovers who […]