TV Tropes Monday: Another Dimension

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Dimensions are very useful things, for a writer:

For example….

If you want to zip across a billion space miles in a second, just hop on to the nearest dimension.

Or maybe the local kids want  a lifetime of adventures in a single day.

And where do all the abominations that want to destroy all creation come from anyway?

You guessed it, another dimension.

You may want to invoke science, but as we all know, the Rule of Cool tends to supersede reality when it comes to these things. You can find dimensions (and travel to and from them) across a different genres, from fantasy (D&D loves this stuff) to science-fiction and everything in between (and beyond).

Face it, Real Life(tm) can be a bit restrictive, you know with things like gravity, light speed, no magic or death. Puts a damper on your creative energies. But what happens when there is a place, far enough that we can’t perceive it, but enough that we can venture to it, a place or universe where the regular rules don’t apply?

They just popped out of another dimension. Writers have been doing this for years. The Celts had the Otherworlds, the Greeks and many others had their version of the Underworld and so on. Think of it as short hand for: I want to do this and this is the easiest explanation other than “because I said so.”

But like every imaginary land, it may break the rules but it should do so by having a different rules set of its own, one which is largely consistent, unless you don’t care about continuity or consistency. And unless the story takes place largely in the other dimension you should be careful not to use it as a endless excuse for everything weird thing you do in your work.

Now go and explore.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Another Dimension

  1. I know it’s probably a little disheartening to get a comment on the video you posted rather than the article itself, but I’d just like to thank you for introducing me to Chameleon Circuit. Just purchased their CD, and can’t stop listening to it, especially “An Awful Lot of Running”.

    I don’t know how long it takes you to find a suitable song for every post, but I’d just like to say that your hard work isn’t in vain, at least not in this case. Thanks for posting the video, and keep up the good work!


    • No worries, all comments (except spam and trolling of course) are welcomed. I don’t spend that much time really. I’m always on the lookout for songs that I like and so I just mark them on my youtube page or clip them on clipmarks for latter use. Glad you liked the song and welcome to my humble blog.


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