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Wizards’ World War: Dispatch 14 – Dinner At the Wilsons

Tweet of Day:  Why Nice Characters Equal No Conflict


Intro –  1315


The Wilson Home, Stafford VA, August 3rd 6:33 p.m.

Mr. Wilson sat on one side of the rectangular dinner table, waiting for his children to wash up and come to dinner.  They sat down almost in unison across the rectangular table.

“So Michael, are you ready for your first year of college?” Mr. Wilson said between bites of medium rare steak.

Micheal gobbled up the food in front of him, as only a 6’4 linebacker could, “Sure. I just got my books from Amazon yesterday and doubled checked my first year classes. Mom made sure the uniform was up to spec,” he said.

“Where’s Mom?” asked Robert.

“She left the laundry washing, I think she is visiting Mrs. Parker from down the street,” they heard the low hum of the washer/dryer coming from the laundry room,  “besides, I have to talk to you about something important,” said Mr. Wilson. He took out three USB drives from his shirt pocket and handed them to the children.

“That’s our first assignment!” said Jenna wide eyed. Her hands trembled as she picked up her drive.

Mr. Wilson let out a long sigh, “I wanted to wait until Robert was in high school, if not in college for this, but I have my orders and now you have yours.”

Michael locked eyes with father,”Where are we going, Sir.”

“Up north. The specifics are in the drives. Read them, memorize them and then destroy them. You will take your brother and sister across the border. A rehearsal for when you drive to VMI this Fall,” said Mr. Wilson.

“Canada?” whined Jenna, “but all the action is the States.”

“We have our orders Jenna,” said Michael.

“Indeed you do. Think of it as the great adventure of the summer before you all go back to school,” said Mr. Wilson.

“I bet Mrs. Marshall would have heart attack if we told her what we did this summer!” said Jenna with a pearly white smile from ear to ear.

“I don’t think your teacher would believe any of it anyway. Now finish off your dinner and if you have any questions I’ll be in my study,” said Mr. Wilson.

“Yes Dad!” said the children in unison.

Robert waited for his siblings to leave before asking his father another question, “Will mom be alright?”

“Without you, you mean?”


“Don’t worry son, she’ll be fine. Now go to room, read and prepare. You three need to be up early tomorrow.”

“Okay dad.”

Mrs. Wilson arrived a half an hour later, “Sorry it took me so long dear, Mrs. Parker just kept going on and on about her grand kids and her flowers and some many things.”

“I saved you some dinner, it’s the microwave,” said Mr. Wilson. He handed her a bottle of little white pills. “Don’t forget to take your medicine, dear. You’re going to need it.”


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