Musical Chairs Blogfest: All About You.

On tonight menus is the my entry in this months Musical Chairs Blogfest which goes something like this:

If you’d like to join the February challenge Say Something New, then list your name, website and the preferred point of view that you normally write in. (Here is the first post that may explain a little more.)

Then through a fair and scientific method *cough* drawing names from a cup *cough* you’ll be assigned to a point of view different than your usual. You will be responsible for writing a flash piece (max 1000 words, no minimum) in your assigned point of view during the month of February. (BigWords is taking charge of this month, so be sure to message him if there is a date you’d like to be assigned for posting. The dates will be spread out to the 12th, 19th and 26th. Here is an example of what January looked like…)


This place is a zoo. But you wouldn’t know anything about that. About how caged predators circle each other, wanting and waiting to pounce. This place is the dark, dank mirror of society, shock full of haphazard rules and stories. A place where everyone talks about loyalty but nobody has any to give or to spare. Just like you. You never understood loyalty. The lucky few orbit around you, in tight elliptical orbits, tittering on the brink. Most fall, consumed by your greed. It should be you, in here, in this place.

Hell on Earth. Except that this place has a beginning and an end.

No, you sat in the gallery, watching, waiting for the results, for the forgone conclusion. Would your skims finally pull you in? Would you pay the price for profiting on the sacrifices, the love, the loyalty of others?

Of course not. They’re those who understand such things, even while the know, deep within them that you don’t deserve them. No sleep in this place. No sleep for the wicked. You’ll sleep when you’re dead. All do, eventually.

That is the escape hatch. The only way out.

No worries my love.

See you in hell.

Table for two?



Well, that is it. My best attempt at a new (for me) PoV. I hoped you liked it.

Here are the links to the other participants:


BigWords http://bigwords88.wordpress.com/ (Omni)
Jamiekswriter http://jamiekswriter.livejournal.com/ (3rd)
Ralph Pines https://ralfast.wordpress.com (ME!)


Regan Leigh http://www.reganleigh.com/ (Omni)
Lady Cat http://carolsrandomness.blogpsot.com (1st)
Orion mk3 http://nonexistentbooks.wordpress.com/ (1st)


3 comments on “Musical Chairs Blogfest: All About You.

  1. I have been remiss in my duties. However, this shows exactly the point I was making about people exceeding their perceived abilities past preferred genre or POV, and is a great scene-setter in and of itself. Having had the pleasure of seeing you stretch your writing muscles in new directions, I now want to see more experimenting – you’ve got a neat, precise style here, and you should attempt to see which other styles work for you. 🙂

    The only (minor) quibble is the use of “Hell on Earth.” It’s too familiar to the eye, and Avernus Ascended or some other twist on the phrase would have been much more of a punch. All things considered, if this is your first attempt at writing in second it is a damn fine one…


  2. I’m impressed! I’ve tried to write in second person and failed miserably. You seem to have managed it quite nicely. Good work!


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