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Lessons from the Aether: A Clueless Wizard Keeps the Mystery Alive Until the End

Tweet of the Day: Gestation 1.01 ——— Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only Wizard Detective, says so right there on the phone book, is the protagonist of The Dresden Files, a long running Urban Fantasy series staring the above mentioned detective. The mix of occult elements and detective noir with a snarky edge gives this book series […]

Lessons from the Aether

Tweet of the Day:  Yet Another Pitfall of Multi-POV Stories ——- Wow, this place looks a bit forlorn, like it needs something, a post mayhap? Yes, but I ran out ideas for the world building series, so what now? How about more video game posts? Or movies, haven’t seen many this summer, but everybody likes […]

Musical Chairs Blogfest: All About You.

On tonight menus is the my entry in this months Musical Chairs Blogfest which goes something like this: If you’d like to join the February challenge Say Something New, then list your name, website and the preferred point of view that you normally write in. (Here is the first post that may explain a little […]

Two for the Price of One

Another month, another BlogFest… Wait, I wrote that before, more than twice in fact. So this month I’m participating in two, yes two Absolute Write Water Cooler Forums sponsored BlogFests. BlogFest #1: A return to the Musical Chairs Concept, but this time the switch is not about genre but Point of View, thus: If you’d […]

Author’s Voice vs. Character’s Voice

  While defining an author’s overall voice can be tricky, it is a bit easier to do so with characters, if they stand on their own. But at times finding the daylight between the author and his characters can be difficult. It used to happen to me when I was younger that people would ask […]

Something about my voice

Snarky, And Foul, Not to mention too smart for my own good. Yeah, that’s my “voice” as best as I can describe it.  The first time someone told me I had a “strong voice”, I had no idea what they were talking about. And after doing some research I discovered that there are a lot […]

Point of View: Multiple Points of View

I don’t like the omniscient point of view.  Too stiff, too distant and too unwieldy. I don’t feel comfortable writing that way. But what if I want to expand the POV beyond one person? How can I inject a sense of a larger world, epic in scope and meaning? What if I want a wider […]