Earworm of the Week: The New Theme Song for My Novel

This week earworm invokes a deep sense of melancholy and reflects the realization that life, and those who you share your life with can vanish at any moment, which ironically, makes you appreciate them that much more. Also sudden loss lies at the heart of my first book, so it fits.

BTW, if you haven’t check out  my entry in the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, go here and check it out. I appreciate your input.

Thank you.

Moby featuring Patti Labelle- One of These Mornings:

4 comments on “Earworm of the Week: The New Theme Song for My Novel

  1. My WIP is about the aftermath of sudden loss as well, or perhaps more aptly put, trying to get back to the place before things went sideways. I like the idea of finding a soundtrack for it. 🙂

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


  2. Soundtracks are wonderful things. I have one for WEAVE that still, even now, gets me right back into writing-mode. I’ll have to come up with one for my new project soon.


  3. Thinking of you, Rafael, and the family situation you mentioned on my post the other day. Hang in there. *hugs*


    • @Angela

      Yeah, recent events highlighted the central theme of the story. Three years ago my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and I had to confront the fact that might die. That’s when I started writing my first WIP. So, in a way, I have come full circle. And I always try to create a soundtrack for each story. It helps me write it.


      Always make one for each project, and I’m always fiddling with it.


      Sorry for your loss Janna and thank you for your support. It means a lot.


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