And then the walls came tumbling down….

The Russian invasion of Georgia taught me what my local friends had always admonished—plans are illusions.


Truer words….

This has been a weird week (and then some). First I rush my Mom to the hospital on Mother’s Day, then an aunt of ours also ends up in the hospital. After a hectic week of hospital visits, work and everything else I take a night off only to get a call from my dad that he is running a fever (his fine but since he suffers from asthma, any sniffle can lead to pneumonia, so it’s antibiotics for him).

And then:

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – A moderate earthquake struck Puerto Rico early Sunday, damaging some houses in western and northern towns and causing a rock slide on a highway. No one was reported injured.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-5.8 earthquake struck at 1:16 a.m. (0516 GMT) Sunday about four miles (six kilometers) from the small community of Espino on the western side of the U.S. Caribbean island and 63 miles (101 kilometers) from the capital, San Juan, where it was felt by high-rise dwellers.

Yeah, an earthquake. A moderate one, no major damage, but still it upped the weirdness factor to 11 (that’s 10+1, because life can always go one number higher)! Oh and then on Sunday, another uncle of mine had a heart attack and ended up in the same hospital as my Mom.

It was one of those weeks.


Yes it was THAT weird, besides I needed the pick me up.

5 comments on “And then the walls came tumbling down….

  1. Shit, man that’s some week. I hope your Mum and the rest of your family are in better health this comming week, and I hope things get a bit more normal for you mate.


  2. Ralph, ack! I hope everyone is okay!


  3. !!!!!!!! Man. I hope everyone recuperates and quickly. :-/


    • Did I mention that Dad hit his head on a door frame (in his apartment) ended up with a huge welt on his forehead and I had to take him to the Emergency Room the next day? In the same hospital as my Mom? Oh and while I was dealing with Dad plus work, my Mom calls me to tell me that she had been released from the hospital and wanted me to pick her up. She was due to be transferred to a physical rehab facility during the week and I just went crazy. Ready to ripped someone’s head off, anyone’s head off. It turned out that she just wanted to go home and tried to convince her doctor to let her go, so I went to her room, read her the riot act and managed to convince her to allow the transfer. Now Dad back in his place, Mom is in the rehab center and I am exhausted.

      Now I understand that old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.


      Thanks for stopping by sput, and please check out the blogfest, I’ll like your input, please! 🙂


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