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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Magna Records Signs New Artists

From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

March 1, 2198

Magna Records Signs New Artists

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Magna Records, one of the largest multimedia music companies in Citadel space has signed three new acts for the upcoming year:

  • Thespian Dance Theory: A Late 20th Century Retro-Synth Band
  • Druish Space Lazers: Mytho-Latin Orchestra Band
  • Death Trap For Stuky: Death-Industrial Band

Critics have called the increase of human musical acts into the galactic scene the “Second Human Invasion”, a call back to the first such invasion back in 2163 when artist such as the Sahara Rock Stallions, Batchall, Gun-Dakka, and Satori’s Starchasers rocketed to the top of the galactic record charts.

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