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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 4 (c.4): Interlude

Deck-1 Captain’s Cabin, SSV Kursk SR-3, En Route to the Maroon Sea Mass Relay, Maroon Sea Cluster, May 15, 2198

Miranda laid on top of me as we rested on the couch with my hands on her belly. She was deep into her second trimester with all the joy of swollen ankles stretch marks and constant back pain from three little ones that jockeyed for position inside of her.

“That’s another kick,” I said.


“Are you ok babe?”

“I overstayed my welcome,” Miranda said.

I sighed, “We will get you back to Horizon as soon as possible. I’m sure your sister has everything set up for you.”

“She already set up the babies’ room in her place in case we need it.”

“We will, at least at first.”


“You sound excited.”

“I’m…frustrated Theo. Five dead ends in the last two months.”

“Don’t forget the grave robbing band of pirates we stumbled across,” I said.

“Yes, the one you stumbled across,” she said.

“Missing the action?”

“More like feeling useless. I can’t go on missions and my contacts are running dry.”

“We got what we needed with tablets. Whatever else we pick up along the way can only help. I’m more worried that we haven’t seen more signs of Cerberus. They got to Tarlom’s data before I did and we don’t know how much of it they managed to decrypt. Whatever they are up to-“

The ship’s intercom blared to life, “Navigator Johnson to Commander Thompson-Ramos.”

“What is it Mr. Johnson?” I asked.

“We have an incoming distress signal coming from the colony of Ludwika, Isseo Cluster. No other Alliance ships in the area,” Johnson said.

I slipped from under Miranda, “On my way to the War Room. Any more details?”

“Not at the moment. Transmission was audio only.”

“Re-broadcast to Alliance command,” I said.

“Already done,” Johnson said.

I kissed Miranda on the cheek, “Care to join me. I can always use a keen and suspicious mind at the ready.”

She smiled, “I’ll catch up in a few minutes.”

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