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TV Tropes Monday: Cassette Futurism


Tweet of the Day: The Ghost Veil 

Welcome to Y-398X.

Communicate across Known Space through our proprietary PlanetServe system that provides vid-phone, electronic mail, and fax support to all our customers for the low price of 1crd per hour (+inter-systems fees).

Listen to the latest synth-hits in your portable High Density Micro-CD system that can carry a whooping 80 megabytes of data per disk!

Play the latest generation of ultra realistic 16-bit graphics virtual reality mega game consoles!

Download the newspaper every morning on you 4800 baud color fax and print up to date stock reports on your color dot matrix printer!


This is suppose to be the 30th Century? Yes it is, if you wrote your story in the last quarter of the 20th century or at least anywhere from 1975 to 1990. Then again, you have an aging population (ahem!) that is now stuck in a nostalgia kick and likes to reminisce about the cool things we expected to have today (I’m still waiting for my jet pack). Either way, you have been struck by Cassette Futurism. Excellent examples of this trend are the Alien franchise, Star Wars (specially Rogue One), sprite based games (originals or newer indie tittles) and anything from the original cyberpunk explosion such as anime, books or movies.

A clear reminder that science fiction is not about accurately predicting the future but a mirror into a present forever slipping into the past in a current of never ending time.

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