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TV Tropes Monday: Cassette Futurism

  Tweet of the Day: The Ghost Veil  Welcome to Y-398X. Communicate across the Known Space through our proprietary PlanetServe system that provides vid-phone, electronic mail, and fax support to all our customers for the low price of 1crd per hour (+inter-systems fees). Listen to the latest synth-hits in your portable High Density Micro-CD system […]

New Ear Worm of the Week

This one is ancient, people! Nineteen-Eighties ancient. So last century, wait, no millennium. The era when the music video was king and MTV was its palace, nay, temple, for music video was GOD! That meant a lot of video editing tricks (if your epileptic, sorry!) The hair? Not bad for the 80’s but what’s up […]