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TV Tropes Monday: Humanoid Aliens


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Those pesky aliens are so troublesome. You want to inject an exotic element to your expansive space opera but if you make your aliens well…too alien, you will spend more time in info dumps about their physiology or culture than in shoot outs with space pirates (or the space cops). You can spray paint a human, maybe add a few forehead ridges or you can whip out the Humanoid Aliens.

These aliens are one step above the Intelligent Gerbils, in that they are not anthropomorphized Earth animals, like dogs, cats or lizards, but a often are a mix of elements that seems just alien enough. They follow a human body plan (two arms, two legs, torso, head), so they can operate in a worlds created for humans, that is, use human weapons, fly human ships, that sort of thing. And more importantly, their eyes are on the right place, which allows them to emote in such a way that the audience can understand. And in TV land they have the added bonus of not taking a huge bite of the FX budget even though the time the actors spend on “The Chair” is longer.

So strap in those thick rubber masks and overdub the speech of the characters for that far away yet somehow close feel of the Humanoid Aliens.


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