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TV Tropes Monday: Fighter, Mage, Thief


Tweet of the Day: The Emotion Roller Coaster: Why Characters Resist Change 


Stop me if you heard this one before. So, a Fighter, a Mage, and a Thief meet in a tavern….

Of course you heard this one before, everyone has. Never played D&D or many of its wayward children? No worries, that guy over there with the giant gatling gun? That’s a fighter alright. The sneaky information broker that meets their clients in back alleys. Sure looks like a squirrelly to me thief. Oh and the know-it-all murmuring weird words while projecting their power of the ether through their minds? Could be psychic powers or magic, either way, there is your mage right there.

As much as Tolkien serves as the grandfather of not only fantasy fiction but last quarter of the century speculative fiction, it is through the lens of games like Dungeons and Dragons that we experience most of our current fantastical fiction. By giving names, numbers and classifications to common speculative fiction archetypes, the creators of RPGs solidified the roles of said archetypes and laid the ground work for their future use. Of course, the same authors then went on to create as many variants within these archetypes as humanly possible, so a good writer should be on the look out for them as well.

The good thing about the rule of three is how easily it multiples. 😀


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