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TV Tropes Monday: You All Meet in an Inn

Tweet of the Day: Hacking the 5th  “Start and the beginning and keep on writing,” is a common piece of writing advice. But where do you start, exactly? What if you need a convenient location where it would make sense for the protagonist to meet, discuss the adventure to be had, and perhaps get waylaid […]

TV Tropes Monday: Fighter, Mage, Thief

  Tweet of the Day: The Emotion Roller Coaster: Why Characters Resist Change  ——– Stop me if you heard this one before. So, a Fighter, a Mage, and a Thief meet in a tavern…. Of course you heard this one before, everyone has. Never played D&D or many of its wayward children? No worries, that […]

Tales from Sanctuary: TerraKata

  Tweet of the Day: Want a Page-Turner? You Need a Deep POV ——- Dwarven legends tell that when the Dark One, the Unmentionable One tore the Great Mother Astarte in two, the hot blood of creation rained down upon the Earth, like fiery comets. Whenever they struck, the land split asunder. One of those […]

First Mathsquad Podcast

Tweet of the Day: Purging the Fear  ——- Another day, another podcast. This one tackles tabletop RPGs. So give it a go: ——-

Kingmaker: Atreius’ Diary

Tweet of the Day: First Mentor: The Social Media Jedi of WANATribe, Kristen Lamb ——– Waterday, Richfest, 599 CY Rita knows, she always knows. And that mischievous grin hasn’t left her face the whole day. Sure I came in late last night, or early this morning, blast the dogs for waking the whole house up, […]

Earth-2121: The Dead Come Again

Tweet of the Day: Internet, How I Missed Thee! ——- ——- Outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, Present Day Bright Spring sunshine illuminated the tiny kitchen. Jennifer clutched a steaming cup of coffee on both hands, “You were dead.” I rubbed my temple, “I was missing in action.” She stepped up to me, “You,” she jabbed a […]

TV Tropes Monday: Technology Levels

  Tweet of the Day: Praise-singing ——- It is very common in science fiction stories and some strategy computer games to assign Technology Levels to different stages of technological advancement. These serve as reference for the audience/players of where in the scale different groups/factions/species/worlds fit into relatively to human history. Often they come in two […]

Ties that Bind

Tweet of the Day: Before the fall- Part 2 ——- As many of you know, I am an avid gamer of both video games and tabletop RPGs. When you combine that fact with a passion for writing you end up with the desire to give your game characters a bit more than a name, class, […]

Welcome to Hellas

  Tweet of the Day: Robert Goddard’s Secret Plan for the Future of Mankind in Space ——- Which is Greek for…Greece. But this is not just a post about a summer holiday down on the bright blue med, basking in the white brightness of hillside homes in Santorini, this is about something else entirely: A […]

Lessons from the Aether: Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Writing Mystery

Tweet of the Day: The Nanny State Gone Wild in the UK ——- Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the game Deus Ex, a cyberpunk first person shooter released in the year 2000. Like its predecessor, it deals with a vast conspiracy to control humanity’s future, in this case, the central question is […]