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Mass Effect/AEC: Classified- Gorgon Class Cruiser


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SAIO Document 1247A3- Clearance- Ultra 1

Subject: Analysis of Captured Cerberus Warships

Classification: Cruiser

Length: 783 meters

Primary Armament: Spine Mounted Dual Mass Accelerator

Secondary Armament: Broadside- 16x Quad Accelerator Cannons, Variable Frequency GARDIAN Point Defense Network, 8 Advanced Fighter Interceptors.

Protection: Advance Diamond Lattice Armor, Standard Kinetic Barriers plus backup Cyclonic barriers generators around key areas (propulsion, command, cargo bay).

Cargo Area/Launch Bays: Capacity for up to 12x Fighter/Interceptors or UT-47 Kodiak Shuttles.

Crew Complement: Unknown

Cyberwarfare Suite: Advance VI Matrix tied to Wide Spectrum Jammers,



The cruisers seized by Alliance Forces (see Operation Hammerfall: Out of Area Operations) revealed a series of advances over current and future Alliance designs. At 783 meters in length means it is 17 meters shorter than the first generation of Alliance Dreadnoughts (see Viability of “Pocket” Dreadnoughts).  While analyst suspected that it the ships were armed with hydrodynamic armament, an inspection revealed that the cruisers armament was derived from current technology. However tests of the main armament showed that it fired at 1.5x faster than other ships of its type. Its broadside quad arrangement fired at 2x the rate of Alliance side mounts. Extensive use of heat sinks mitigated the increased heat built up from the higher rate of fire from weapon suite. The GARDIAN point defense systems used a variable frequency system that allowed for a shift from ultraviolet to infrared frequencies. This expanded the networks envelope and increased its lethality. A small complement of fighter craft added an extra layer of defense.


Chemical and impact test on the ship’s armor revealed an advanced version of Silaris type armor laced with diamond dust. This alloy gave the armor greater protection against both impact damage and heat of direct energy weapons. The armor ablated in order to minimize the impact to material beneath it. Our engineers concluded that while this granted the ship greater protection from individual impacts, it made it vulnerable to sustained fire. Analysis of the ships kinetic barriers showed that the ship employed two sets of barriers, standard barriers for ship wide protection while cyclonic barriers protected key areas such as Command and Propulsion.


The ships came equipped with modified Tantalus core drives. The ship was not designed for stealth, but the modified element zero core allowed for greater acceleration/maneuverability and electromagnetic dispersal.


Cerberus engineers achieved a remarkable series of improvements over Alliance designs but sacrificed endurance while they quadrupled the cost per ton. Replicating the design would be prohibitively expensive although like the SSV Normandy SR-2 the ships can be repurposed for Alliance use and several of their advances can be integrated on both current designs and designs on the drawing boards.


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