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TV Tropes Monday: The Remnant


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You say you want a revolution, eh? Well revolutions are messy specially the bloody ones and cleaning up afterward is a chore than nobody wants. From the scraps of battle comes The Remnant, the holdouts that spawn from the ranks of the defeated side. Their are many reasons for a faction to fight on. For one, they don’t recognize the new government, in part because they used to be the government and would like to get back in power, thank you very much. Then you have the ugly cycle of retaliation. Yes I would like to go back to the farm, but you won’t let me, with the taxes and the the constant harassment. Then you have outside governments who may not like the people in charge and decide to fund a resistance movement against said government. Then you have the malcontents within the new regime that for some reason switch sides, go with their enemies, or simply assume the identity of their former enemy.

The difference between this trope and La Résistance is that the Remnant is a villainous faction or at least not an entirely heroic one although it can certainly fall into the category of Your Terrorist Are Our Freedom Fighters in as much as who is doing the labeling. Often they are seen as both, specially if the fighting occurs along ethnic, religious and racial lines were in entire groups are dispossessed by a coup and lose not only their previous privileges but even their rights. They might see getting back on top not only a matter of convenience but of survival. And finally, some ideas never really die and become attractive to new generations who then take on the banner long after the war ends, starting a new war(s) along the way.


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