TV Tropes Monday: Everything Is an iPod in the Future



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This is a sci-fi world building trope, common in television, movies and video games due to their visual component but not entirely absent from books. It is proof positive that are visions of the future are merely projections of the present. The technology is minimalist, functional, unobtrusive, intuitive, and visually pleasing.It’s not even a new one. We seen images of primarily white or grey futuristic design, with blended edges and smooth surfaces before, it is just that this particular one conforms to a current aesthetic, which in turn comes to us because we expect that the present should conform with expectations presented in the past. It is merely clean lines of art deco and the jet age updated to currents standards which then gets projected into our views of the future.

Like those times in the past this particular ascetic is often associated with utopian projections rather than dystopian ones. The encapsulate a vision where technology helps rather than hinders, benefit us instead of harming us. Compare it to the Used Future aesthetic of a world at the edge of collapse common to grittier works.  It behooves the author to go beyond mere immitation and explore the hows and whys of this aesthetic and their meaning within their stories.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Everything Is an iPod in the Future

  1. Most of the time I find futuristic settings (even the ones that are supposed to be nice) to be much too cold and sterile looking for my taste. One of the many things I appreciated about Deep Space Nine over other Trek series was that the crew members’ rooms actually looked like people lived in them, with individual tastes.


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