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Tales from Sanctuary: Duatha and Talisa

Tweet of the Day:  Grow Reader Empathy By Showing Your Protagonist’s Vurnerable Side ——- From the Annals of Xhin Gon, Leader-Scribe of the Third Expedition to Daqin (The West), Chapter 3, Myths of the West, Translated by the Scribes of the Great Library of Sanctuary Dedicated to the Peerless Son of Heaven, Sovereign of the Three […]

Kingmaker: The Von Klaus Family

    Tweet of the Day: A Price of Game Journalism ——– Family and Acquaintances of Atreus von Klaus my current character. Roul von Klaus (Human Male NG/Commoner/Lawyer): Roul fled the initial onslaught of the Horned Society upon his homeland of the Shields Lands. He found refuge in the Free City of Greyhawk, along side […]

TV Tropes Monday: Everything Is an iPod in the Future

    Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa – Boys ——- This is a sci-fi world building trope, common in television, movies and video games due to their visual component but not entirely absent from books. It is proof positive that are visions of the future are merely projections of the present. The technology is minimalist, […]

TV Tropes Monday: Magical Society

  Tweet of the Day: Walking the Walk ——- This is a world building trope if there ever was one. The nature of the Magical Society, an organization that brings together those who can wield magic in a given setting, is a reflection of the setting as a whole. A secret society of mages exist […]

Mass Effect/AEC: FORWARD!-Citadel’s Space Military Review

Tweet of the Day: Gaming as #SuperWomen: Female Protagonist Can’t Be Justified? ——— ——— FORWARD! : Issue 3/96 The Alliance Premiere Military Publication “A Review of the Citadel’s Military Forces: 2196” April 2, 2196 by Lydia Mugabe The reconstruction of the Citadel races military forces continues. While the galaxy returns to economic stability the Citadel’s […]

Lessons from the Aether: Sandbox Games and Populating Your Worlds

Tweet of the Day: Gettin’ Nerdy With It: RPGs ——– The lowly spear carrier. It is a staple of story telling from time immemorial. Somebody must deliver the news that the king is dead or simply stand around while the heroes do the hero thing. In movies  they are the extras in crowd scenes which […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News Bulletin-Movies

Tweet of the Day: What Jeaniene Frost Did Right ——– From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk December 27, 2195 2196: The Year of the Historical Vid By Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – 2196 will be the “Year of the Historical Vid,” claims vid critic Roger Eberron of Milgrom Morning News. A dozen vids based on historical […]

World Building Wednesday: The Cataclysm

Tweet of the Day: Alexios & Elysia #13 ——– What puts the THE in THE EVENT. When authors want have an established event, especially in speculative fiction, they don’t want to go half-way. Go big or go home is the only way to go. Enter the Cataclysm. I first encountered this phenomenon (aptly named, you […]

World Building Wednesday: For Your Eyes Only

Tweet of the Day: There’s a Story Here Somewhere: Inspirational Stories from Flickr ——- Last week I wrote the following: One interesting thing about game books is that they tend to have areas meant to be read by all the players involved, while certain materials are meant for the Game Master’s eyes only. This might […]

AW’s February 2012 Blog Chain: Second Chances/Not Goodbye but Farewell (DA:O Fic)

Tweet of the Day: Are You Making Your Characters (and Yourself)  Look Stupid? ——– Yes, it is that time of the month again. Welcome to the Absolute Write Forum’s February 2012 Blog Chain. The rules are as follow: This month’s prompt: Second Chances Again, go wherever the prompt takes you. It can be fiction or […]