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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News Legal Brief with Anthony McConnell


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance Legal Desk on the Citadel

January 5, 2197

ANN News Legal Brief for 01-05-97

by Antony McConnell

PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– The Union of Electronic Assemblers and Workers brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of their batarian, quarian and volus members against multiple electronics companies for illegal discrimination in their hiring and personnel management practices. The suit alleges that these companies conspired to cap the number of employees from these races to less than 10% of their employee pool, denied accommodations/facilities compatible with the biological/cultural/religious needs of said employees, passed said employees for promotions/froze salaries while demanding increase production and summary firings with little or no legal justifications in order to keep other employees from the same races in what one of the lawyers bringing the suit called, “Perpetual wage-slavery.”

A look at the court papers reveals a who’s who of electronics companies including Apex Omnitools, Ariake Technologies, Saronis Applications and Solar Electronics. Over 1,100 current and former employees of these companies filed the joint suit in multiple jurisdictions, including the Alliance and the Citadel. They are seeking over one trillion credits in lost wages, lost career advancement and emotional distress.

The trial against Jan’Eso vas Tremblin for the murders of Kha’dan Hark, a batarian businessman and his associates continues. Vas Tremblin refused a plea of temporary insanity and instead entered a plea of not guilty. In a related note, family members of those who died at the bombing of the Laranthos Institution are suing C-Sec for their failure to protect the school from the terrorist attack. A Presidium Court judge is set to rule on the merits of the lawsuit by January 9th.

The case of Jakurt McCollic has come up again for parole. McCollic is currently serving a twenty-five year prison sentence for embezzlement, theft, industrial espionage, and  conspiracy to commit treason for the sale of the manufacturing plans of the M-7 Lancer Assault Rifle to several non-Alliance manufacturers such as Ekloss Combine  (manufacturers of an upgraded copy under the monicker of the M-8 Avenger) which lead to the popularity of human style firearms across the Terminus Systems. Alliance prosecutors allege that McCollic also sold the plans of the UT-47 Kodiak assault shuttles to foreign powers, such as the Batarian Hegemony and Cerberus. Lawyers from McCollic defense team replied that his client was in jail four years before copies of the Kodiak appeared on the open market. Alliance investigators are still looking for the millions of credits McCollic stashed away before being brought to trial.

Report filed by ANN Legal Analyst Antony McConnell.


Note: It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing of Leonard Nimoy, actor, photographer, and pop icon. Known primarily for playing the role of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise, his contributions will be sorely missed.


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