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Mass Effect/AEC-Alliance News Network: Tayseri Murder’s Suspect in Custody



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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel

October 11, 2196

Tayseri Murder’s Suspect in Custody

by Amita Quita

PRESIDIUM, CITADEL – C-Sec announced early this morning that they have a suspect in custody related to the murders in Tayseri Ward (see Bloodbath in Tayseri Ward). The suspect has been identified as a thirty-nine year old quarian male by the name of Jan’Eso vas Tremblin, married to Alliana T’Solena, one of the asari teachers  injured in the bombing of Laranthos Institution (see Asari School Bombed). Vas Tremblin and T’Solena have two daughters, both survived but the eldest, Amara,is now in process of transitioning to new clone limbs after having lost both legs in the original explosion. She and her younger sister Aikaterina are undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder along side many of their classmates.

Extranet polling of the Citadel shows that most residents have a favorable view of vas Tremblin’s alleged actions against the suspects behind the bombing with a surprising number of of batarians polled at 53%-47% in favor of vas Tremblin with many respondents commenting that while they disprove off vigilantism they are for,”Eliminating elements that give batarians a bad name.” However, among quarians living in the Citadel, only 33% approved of vas Tremblin’s actions. One editor of a quarian tech-chat site said,”Even if they found (the acts) them to be necessary in the face of C-Sec historical bias against quarians.”

ANN will continue to follow developments on the the investigation as the occur.



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