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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Nuclear Terrorism Impacts Earth

ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk in Vancouver September 25, 2197 Nuclear Terrorism Impacts Earth By Doh-Keun Jung BUSAN, KOREA-At 11:47 hrs local time. a low-yield nuclear device detonated inside the Shinsegae department store, the largest department store on Earth. The blast obliterated the store and caused significant damage in a 200 meter radius from the detonation point. […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Lawson-Thompson Nuptials

  Tweet of the Day: Puppets and the Suspension of Disbelief  —— From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk May 11, 2197 Lawson-Thompson-Ramos Nuptials By Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Horizon came alive as celebrities and family members descended upon the shores of Lake Katarn to celebrate the nuptials of Miranda Lawson, older sister of Lawson Industries (formerly […]

Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Legal Brief 05-22-2197

Tweet of the Day: Oh The Agrro: When Characters Go Off Script ——– ANN News Desk From the Alliance News Network Legal Desk on the Citadel May 22, 2197 ANN News Legal Brief for 05-22-2197 by Antony McConnell PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– After preliminary legal maneuvering the trial of Alto Olsen (see: Operation Hammerfall Ends) begins on […]

Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Alliance Parliament Debates Troop Deployments

Tweet of the Day: The Heavenly Scaffold ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel January 7, 2197 Alliance Parliament Debates Troop Deployments By Jill Scarlett NEW ARCTURUS STATION – Chav’s President Marc Riley passionate speech to the Alliance Parliament marked the third day of debate on the deployment of troops to […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 15 (c.2)-Patriarch

Tweet of the Day: Why Are Certain Stories Timeless? ——- ——- Afterlife Night Club,  Omega Station, Sahrabik System, Omega Nebula, November 16, 2196 The floor thrummed to the sound of the bass. The rhythm mingled with the sound of dozens of conversations fueled by a host of intoxicants. As we walked by emotions flashed in […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 8 (c.2): Crossroads

  Tweet of the Day: Lying Liars Who Lie ——- …Randa…. I’m here… The snow drifts silently past the log cabin’s window. Wood crackles in the fireplace. Miranda’s black dress sparkles  in the firelight. “Never had a White Christmas before,” I say. The window reflects her radiant smile. “Hey, sorry we are late,” Jacob Taylor […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 7(c.2)-Compromised

Tweet of the Day: Should white people write about people of color? ——- ——- Human Embassy, Presidium, Citadel, Widow, Serpent Nebula, October 7, 2196 Chen Wei-Len, the current human Councilor packed enough muscle on her short frame to bench press James Vega with one hand. She waved at me to take a seat. She was […]