Writer’s Blog Roundup and Prizes


Not much, just got an award.

Yep, the I Am The Awesomest Blogger In The Universe Award, wait (crosstalk with the blog producers) no, my people (I gots people, in my head mind you, but I gots them), tell me that a) there is not such award and b) and they said this with voices (in my head) full of regret (with some sorrow thrown in for good measure) that I am not the Awesomest Blogger in the Universe oh and that awesomest is not a word.

As a consolation price I got Stylish Blogger Award which Amy (the lovely award presenter, doesn’t she look  cute in that backless number Joan? Joan? Oh, she is off to go under the knife again, back to you Jake at the studio), ahem, where was I, yes, Amy assured me is jammed pack with honest to god words that you can find in the Oxford Dictionary of Oh So Many Words. A good book to have full of, well you guessed it, many, many words, and some camels as well, effendi.

According to da rulez, I may, nay, I must inform you of 5 “fun” things about myself. In no particular order:

  1. I don’t drink and drive, but if you invite me to go clubbing with you, I will say yes and hold your keys plus the digital camera. Smile!
  2. I like cats AND dogs. I just do. Puppies and kittens too. I’m am not a cat lover and a dog hater, or a dog lover and a cat hater. Besides, when our cat overlords take over the universe, I would like to be remembered as a kind, efficient servant and hope that Fido will keep me company in the Servant Kennels.
  3. I was a Grade B student all my life. Because I didn’t study. However, according to Scholastic Inc, I am a certifiable mathematical moron. I may be the standard by which the rest of humanity is measured, but even I am not perfect.
  4. I like to read encyclopedias, go on Wiki walks, and I am fascinated by history.
  5. I’m a gamer. So pull up a chair and roll up some dice!

Da rulez also say that I have to offer some victims for the ritual internet meme sacrifice and since I have done a writer’s blog roundup in awhile, let me load up my gun and start the shooting of the birds:

  • Disobedient Writer: Kirsten is not very,what’s the word? Observant? Pious? Obedient! Yeah, that’s the ticket! She is a writer that happens to have a cool little blog. So cool in fact that her latest post points fellow blogers to places where they can snatch up free (copyright that is) pics, some for free. Is that awesome or what? (Real word, I swear.)
  • Words Fail Me: Sometimes they do, but not to worry, Leah Raeder’s blog is here to help. She is also a writer, gamer and designer from Chi-Town. Sounds very stylish to me.
  • Scribbles and Splashes:  Now that is a stylish name, if I do say so myself. Which does not come as any surprise when you learn that  Holly Ruggiero is a graphic designer that loves Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, cappuccinos in the summer and baby skunks. I mean, aaaawwww! 😀

Well, that’s all folks, see you later!


Wait! A reminder. Come April 5, 2010, we kick off the “Behind the Headlines” Blogfest. Just follow the link to join. Put fingers to keyboard and start writing.


And lest I forget, here is some music for you! Immediate Music-Trial of the Archangel

8 comments on “Writer’s Blog Roundup and Prizes

  1. I’m much more of a dog person, but cats are fine, too. Strange how so many people tend to be one or the other, though.

    btw, I like this music from the Immediate. It would make a cool score for certain films.


    • Yeah, I don’t get that. People can be weird that way, especially when it comes to their pets.

      As for the music, it’s “trailer” type music, great for trailers, sci-fi and fantasy films.


  2. Not observant, pious…LOL! Thanks for the shout-out 🙂


  3. I like cats, to a degree, but I’m definitely a dog person. —Of course how could I not be, with Her Dogginess? She would be mortally offended if I said anything different. 🙂


    • I think Her Dogginess would like to have a little white kitten of her own, someone she could curl up into a fluff ball at night and herd, I mean, play during the day. I heard she likes a challenge! l 😉


  4. Thank you kindly for the mention. 😀


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