Hope for the Best.

Saw a guy screw up a landing  (in a motor cross event) on ESPN Classic and decided to write this bit based on it.  Could be an ongoing story if I can come up with more.

Part II  – Part IIIPart IV


I stared at my best man lying on a hospital bed in a full body cast, “So Richie, what happened?”

Bobby’s brother chewed on a wad of nicotine gum, “You know how Bobby likes motocross, right?”

How could I forget, Bobby was an Alpha-Jock among Alpha-Jocks ever since  college, “Yeah.”

“And you know how you’re supposed to land on the bike?”

“Guess so? Sure.”

He spat the wad into a nearby trashcan. “Well, the bike landed on him,” he said.



“Damn! The wedding is six, no wait, five days away. What am I supposed to do? Bobby is my my bud, my wing man, my best man!

“I could fill in?” Richie suggested.

“Richie, no offense, but I like you like the brother of my best man, that’s it,” I said.

“No problem, just trying to help,” he said. He stuffed the remainder of the nicotine gum into his mouth.

“I’ll be right back.” I exited the room to make a phone call. The moment I put my cell phone to my ear a nurse gave me the evil eye from all the way from the nurse station. I pointed to the stairs as I walked away.

On second thought, let me text Linda.

I thought it would be more discreet that way, since I knew Linda was with her mother making the final arrangements for the Christmas Day wedding. Unfortunately it did not work. My phone buzzed, “Hi honey.”

“What do you mean Bobby is in the hospital?” she said in a pitch that bordered somewhere between a cat mewling in heat  and the screech of tires on pavement.

I explained the situation, “And instead of him landing on the bike, the bike landed on him.”

“Oh, is that it?”

“The note of sarcasm doesn’t become you, sweety.”

“Don’t you ‘sweety’ me John Jacob McKinley,” she said.


“So what are you going to do?”

No we, but you. I imagined Linda’s mom, Mrs. Kurt, with her ear straining to pop up out of the side of her head and slap right by Linda’s own.

“Things like this happen, it was just an accident.”

“Accident?” I pulled back from the phone just in time, “ACCIDENT! Your idiotic frat brother deciding to go crazy bike riding less than a week before the wedding is not an accident. God, mom was right, my brother Steven should have been the best man.”

Another reminder that, as my dad told me when I dropped the news of  my impeding nuptials, that as the groom I was nothing more than the guest of honor, emphasis on guest.  So far Linda the Bridezilla had not reared her ugly head, but Mother of Bridezilla made a special guest appearance in the first episode and the writer’s forgot to put her on a bus and nuke the damn thing to make sure she didn’t interfere. I liked Mrs. Kurt, but still. “OK, you ask Steven if he be on standby while I find someone to fill in for Bobby, OK?” I heard some kind of mumble that I took as a yes and hung up before she changed her mind.

Now, where the hell am I going to find a best man in such short notice?


And now I leave you with Owl City-Vanilla Sky (not my first choice, but once again YouTube yanked the feed):

9 comments on “Hope for the Best.

  1. This is really good! Strong piece of writing. Good, realistic dialogue. Awesome!


  2. Hey there! Let me just say that I really like your blog…the pictures are hilarious, and the video is really cute. Thanks for posting!!

    God bless,
    Taylor J. Beisler


  3. My first thought is, why would he want to marry such a harpy? And if she thins Steven is the best man, why doesn’t she marry him instead? 🙂

    I really liked this, and I agree the dialogue was very realistic. I especially liked her use of his full name to let him know he was in deep trouble.

    P.S. I love the LOL cats pic and I adore the TSO!


    • Well Steven is her brother, so that would be illegal in most states of the union (still is, I hope). Of course now that I re-read the piece I forgot to add that little detail. As for the harpy, wouldn’t you panic, just a bit if the most important day of your life was about to be derailed?

      On the other hand, it tells me that the main character is sympathetic enough that you care about his plight, which is always a good thing.


  4. Great dialogue here, nice tight story. Love the pics and video as well. great blog 🙂


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