BSG was not the best show on television.

And if it was, then American television sucks!

“What are you talking about?”

“Battlestar Galactica was the best show on….”

No it was not.

I say this as a disgruntled fan. I abandoned the show when the humans decended to Hell, or should I say New Caprica. Until that moment I defended the show every illogical twist and turn. But after the nuke went off I said, ENOUGH! I did watch a few episodes afterward, but I really didn’t care for the show that much anymore.

What really pissed me off about BSG was the fact that as a show it had all the ingridients to be a classic: great camarography (it took a awhile to used to the jerky zoom action of the camera, but it worked brilliantly), solid characters (more on that later), great actors and adult situations.

So what went wrong?

Simple, the whole show, from begining to end devolved into the following “dun,dun,dun!” What looked like smart writing simply existed to deliver another shock. Folks I’m not a five year old, please don’t treat me like one, ok.

Internal logic, gone.

Internal consistency, never there to begin with.

Character growth, say what now?

The Cylons had no fucking plan!

BSG was NOT grand space opera, it was space soap opera! I’m all for character growth but the characters did not grow, they simply twisted to the whims of writers so they could set up the next “shocker” moment. There was no relevant story arcs, no logical progression of character actions, masked by the moral ambiguity of survival. I can see the writers room now with a white board on one end with the words SHOCK written on it and nothing else.

Take away the special effects and some great acting (in spite of the awful writing) and you end up with four seasons of nonsense.

In space….

Might as well go back to watching WWE and As the World Turns.

14 comments on “BSG was not the best show on television.

  1. I never watched it. I just couldn’t believe that they’d call up such an ancient and awful show.

    And since Babylon 5 I haven’t seen anything in SF that came close to the quality of that show.


    • Agreed. I tried to avoid the B5 comparisons, but after watching B5 (and SG-1) I know how sci-fi should be done. BSG is the exact opposite, a guide to how NOT to do sci-fi.


  2. What? Did you say something? It’s like your mouth is moving, but I can’t understand you. Are you speaking some foreign language? CAN — YOU — HEAR — ME?


  3. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m only two episodes in to Season 3, which seems to be just past where you gave up on it, so we’ll see.


  4. Hmmm. I definitely felt like they lost some of the focus that made the show 100% riveting in the first 2 seasons, but I enjoyed BSG right up to the last episode. I took New Capricia and everything that came after as more general commentary on the human species, I guess.

    STILL haven’t seen B5. Clearly I need to pick that one up…


  5. I enjoyed it knowing that it was a space soap opera…mostly. Shoot-em-ups seem to be the order of the day anyway.
    I wonder how many realize that Heinlein’s ‘Space Troopers’ were farce meant to reveal the Fascist nature of the War Machine and the sorry end which soldiers come to. Broken Soldier posted ‘Support the Troops is a Lie’…and then reorganized his blog, losing wonderful material.
    Saying that a mass media production insults intelligence is redundant. Just ask Orwell.


  6. I’ve been running into more ‘sale of public infrastructure’ articles internationally : and just posted a note at Ten Percent. Where did you get you material on Puerto Rico ? I’ve even been getting really strange reports on online comment threads from American Indians about radioactive groundwater : and recall a Texan post re: frakking with radioactive sand that posited that very result in an article that had a linkin with Cheney’s corporate anti-enviro corporate activities.What the natives at Fort Chipewyan in Alberta, Canada due to Syncrude is also obscene.


  7. Besides living here and reading the headlines every day? Hard to get English language sources in part because we get ignored by American news media (part and partial of our colonial status, neglect comes with the territory).

    Here are some alternate media links:






  8. Thank you. I’ll check those out.
    Hard to get news ? Ignored by the media ? Count your blessings !
    There are translations add-ons in the Utilities section of my Links page : and more worldwide news sources than enough. Take a look at the master index
    Perhaps a test ride at http://therealnews.com/t/ or
    http://www.blacklistednews.com/ will be good too !


  9. A water privatization link !
    Something I’ll likely flog again at Rick B
    http://my.opera.com/oldephartte/blog/27-feb-end-of-an-era Much more on my Links page under Water – wealth and power


  10. […] Sci-fi is all the rage these days. Made a sneaky comeback (or not) with Star Trek: NextGen and grew in popularity during the 90s until today. However, it is, by enlarge, on the soft side of the scale (downright mushy if you ask me). In the beginning (somewhere in the middle of of the 19th century) science fiction was truly speculative  fiction. New scientific discoveries accelerated the pace of technological advancement. They in turn opened up a universe of possibilities for adventure in far away places, like Venus, Mars, or the moons of Saturn. When man managed to reach earth orbit, hard science fiction became popular and distinct from the softer fluff of pulp fiction, which came to be known as space opera (as in soap opera). […]


  11. […] Or the reason BSG was not the best show on television. […]


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