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TV Tropes Monday: Never Trust A Trailer



Tweet of the Day: Fantasy as Protest 

Trailers are meant to hook you in, but often they little or no correlation to the product sold because:

  1. The product is crap and if they show you that you won’t buy or watch
  2. The producers don’t want to spoil major plot points
  3. The trailer is made by another company that neither knows nor understand the product

Ergo it is a good idea to Never Trust a Trailer. The fact of the matter is that trailer maker walk a fine line between teasing a production and spoiling it. Show too little and  nobody has a clue of what it is your selling them. Show too much and they feel like they already experience the thing. Even the editing is a factor. The pace, the music and the order in which scenes are shown can radically change the way people think of the product. It can lead people to believe that a psychological thriller is a fast action summer blockbuster or a horror movie is really a fluffy children’s flick.

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