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Dear Brother….

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To Athos von Klaus, Knight-Errant of the Most Holy Order of Shielding

I know we did not part in the happiest of forms, for you expected young Aton instead of this upstart. Yet, I am pleased to inform you that we have begun the arduous work of exploration of the frontier. Trouble was afoot the moment we reached Oleg’s trade post. Bandits preyed upon the couple whose wished only to carry on with their business far away from the bustle of the city. Our companions, the stalwart Paladin Finneas and the grumpy Leopold the Ranger dealt with the cowards with all due haste. Through interrogation of one of the prisoners we discovered that the bandits have an fortified position deep in the woods north of the trading post. We made it our mission to rid the area of the bandits and secure this portion of the border.

Now onto more personal business, brother. I hope that one day you will forgive me for the sin of existence and also for taking Aton’s place. He is truly not cut out for adventure far from home. His mind is formidable yet turbulent. He suffers from a heady mix of jubilation, melancholy and rage. I could not, would not, allow him to be expose to the things that hunt this place. Best I, the spare, fall than to cut his life short. He is family, he is blood, even if you feel that I am not.

Sincerely Atreus von Klaus


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