WeWriWa: #8sunday for 02/01/15- Death’s Highway




Jolly good, we are back with another snippet/installment of Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. I have to admit I am having a blast posting these. The feedback has been overwhelming in the best sense of the word. But you are here to take a peek at my current WiP, Lessons of War. We move the action to the edge of deHavilland controlled space to the planet of Gideon. Ten years ago Gideon was an independent world, one of thousands in what it is called the Void, the space beyond the reach of the former Empire of Man. Colonial leaders decided to pledge their allegiance to House deHavilland for protection against the Imperial Guard. However, this plunged the colony into an intermittent insurgency, one that has reap it latest and highest profile victim:

Chief Detective Inspector Mara Hayle surveyed the wreckage. She looked up from the forest floor to the bottom of the elevated highway. Daylight pierced through the hole blasted by the explosive device that catapulted the governor’s limo over the rail and to the forest fifteen meters below. No one had claimed responsibility for the assassination yet but that didn’t surprise Hayle in the slightest. Even as the forensic teams scoured the smoldering wreckage, the Legislature ordered the planetary militia on high alert. But not even the enforced security measures would stop the Press from making her job harder. And whoever managed to pull this off would not stop with the governor. Gideon’s fate just took a turn for the worse.

That’s it for the first WeWriWa of this month. I hope you enjoyed the little snippet and as always, make sure to visit and comment on the participant blogs by following the link above.


22 comments on “WeWriWa: #8sunday for 02/01/15- Death’s Highway

  1. Now that’s a change from the ballroom maneuverings of the past few weeks! 💃💣 This sounds like a fascinating, scary world!


  2. Great scene! I like that you left on a note of suspense, that this crime will lead to larger dangers. Good eight!


  3. I could clearly picture this accident site. And nice job building up the tension. No post for me this week, just moderating : )


  4. A very realistic crime scene! You’ve done well building up tension. Be interested to see where this goes!


  5. That sounds like quite an explosion. Her worries about the future feel very real–the body count is going to rise, you can tell.


  6. Realistic scene, pulled me right in! Great snippet!

    I know we all do a little tweaking to our snippets, but just in case you didn’t catch this: “Gideon fate just took a turn for the worse.” I believe it should be “Gideon’s fate just…”

    Can’t wait for more!


  7. Interesting. You have a vivid scene and an MC who analyzes the repercussions very quickly. It makes both the world and the character quite intriguing.


  8. Good, solid writing. You did a fine job of character building in this little snippet. And the visual punch is wonderful. Nicely done!


  9. Sad but realistic developments. I’m intrigued by your heroine, can’t wait for more details on all the plots and counterplots.


  10. Wow! I love how you’ve included that the press is going to make her job harder. Very true. That last sentence is certainly ominous. Hope she can catch the bad guys!


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