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TV Tropes Monday: Virtual Ghost

Tweet of the Day: Lingerie & Guns


We all meet our end, and because of that we like to leave a little bit of us behind: a handful of photographs, a wall size portrait, a handsome statute for the pigeons, maybe the odd recording. But in the future we could leave an exact duplicate of ourselves. Our thoughts, our memories, everything that made us, well us, for as long as the batteries last.

Enter the Virtual Ghost.

A Virtual Ghost exist in a computer and it is often a recreation, transfer or reconstruction of the mind of an existing person. Whether it is a whole sale mind transfer is not unheard of, but most of the time it is treated as a copy, just like a video or audio recording. Others start as recordings but as time passes either the limits of the process, degradation of the media/storage, or the platform’s ability to learn will transform it into something different.  What makes the ghost more than a recording is that it can respond to queries and often is self-aware, although it may believe they are the original article and not a copy.

In stories the serve one (or more) purposes: a way for a villain to survive long after they could possible be able to in-universe, a apocalyptic log explaining the events that led to the apocalypse, a mentor figure, or simply a memento of a love one.


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