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TV Tropes Monday: Everything is Online

Tweet of the Day: Humanism and Egalitarianism: are they Feminist Umbrellas?


A man sits at his computer in the dark, several screens show arrays of bank accounts, news reports, government files, and other media. He leaves his one bedroom apartment and walks the streets. With a single button press he jams the radio of a nearby police car, another lets him read the text from the person waiting at the cafe around the corner. This man can hack anyone and anything.


Because Everything is Online!

Of course, this is a whole lot of Hollywood Hacking, real hacking is more complex than that, although as recent events have shown, it is not wise to trust cloud servers tied to your phone.  An increasingly interconnected world with most of that connectivity occurring over wireless services means that most of our data is vulnerable to interception. That is not the same as shutting down the local nuclear power plant or the rail system. Most of those systems that are connected to the internet are for the purpose of monitoring existing analog systems, not controlling them.  So a hacker might learn how many kilowatts of power per hour the plant produces, messing around with the fuel rods is a different matter altogether. Still information is power even in a world of cyborgs and sexbots, the hacker is probably looking for your home address in order to steal your identity.

After all even in the electronic age, most crime is still very much mundane.



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