October 2013 Blog Chain: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

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Welcome to the October’s Blog Chain:

Starting Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Open to all forum members, even after it starts!

This month’s prompt:
Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Our spooky October prompt posits a trio of scary critters. Do what you will with them!

As always, your entry can be prose, poetry, play, fiction, nonfiction.

Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. I’ll let you know in this thread when it’s your turn. Once your turn comes up, you have two days to complete a blog post using the prompt. When you are finished, please add a link to your post on the thread.

If you signed up but find yourself unable to participate or need to be moved around in the schedule, please PM me or post in the thread. If you fail to post on your blog and on the thread within two days, I’ll bump you down to the end of the line on the third day; you’ll get a second chance at the end of the month.

Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you! Please include a list of all participants’ blogs (not necessarily their actual posts for the month) in your blog post.


The chieftain looked around the stone circle. Legends told of the First Peoples who came from the sea and built the circles, each a conduit to the dream lands. Here the priest sacrifice the sacred elk, made auguries, read the entrails and bathed in blood. Here young couple sought to consummate their passions away from the prying eyes of their elders. Here young warriors pledged blood bonds of brotherhood.

“The Wolf is at our door,” said a voice from the darkness. A man dressed in bear skins walked into the stone circle. He cast a long shadow behind him as he sat at the edge of the fire.

“That is exactly what you said to us so many years before, Brother Bear,” said the third man in the group clad in the fade golden skin of lion.

“It was as true then as it was true now, Brother Lion, the Wolf is out our door,” said Brother Bear.

“The cub of the last wolf, you mean,” said Brother Bear.

“Much the same, they both hunger for our lands, and our freedom,” said Brother Bear.

Brother Lion’s golden eyes caught the light from the campfire, “And what say you Brother Tiger?”

Brother Tiger watched the embers float up to the starry night, “I’m tired brothers, so very tired. I just want to be with my family, say my goodbyes and join my ancestors in the dream lands.”

“And leave our children to be fed upon by the Wolf, I don’t think so,” said Brother Bear.

“Twenty years, brothers, twenty years of peace. Remember how we quarreled among each other? How eagerly we shed each others blood? And now,” he pointed at Brother Bear, “I see my daughter tending to our grandchildren in your home, and my son,” he turned to Brother Lion, “training with your sons, Brother Lion.”

“Tis true, Brother Tiger, but what brought us together then brings us together now. We swore to protect our people and now….”, Brother Bear’s voice trailed off.

“Now the Wolf is at our door,” finished Brother Lion.

Brother Tiger kicked dirt into the fire,”Then we will meet him in the morn.”


Participants and posts:
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Ralph Pines – https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ (link to post)
ishtar’sgate – http://chickenscratchbc.blogspot.ca/ (link to post)
skunkmelon – http://www.jenniferponce.com/skunkblog (link to post)
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julzperri – http://www.fishandfrivolity.blogspot.com/ (link to post)
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Angyl78 – http://jelyzabeth.wordpress.com/ (link to post)


22 comments on “October 2013 Blog Chain: Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

  1. Great dialogue! So natural and easy to read. Very nice.


  2. I’m reminded a bit of Sue Harrison’s Mother Earth, Father Sky and the rest of her Iron Carver Trilogy. After all, there were lions and tigers of a sort when the first settlers arrived in North America via the land bridge. And the wolf is shamelessly left out of that classic predatory pairing.


    • The wolf presents a curious paradox, since while they competed with early humans for resources (and prey on chattel species) they rarely attack humans, while the others can prey or tend to have very little fear of humans. Thus they are looked upon as forces to be emulated while the wolf tends to be reviled.


  3. Very interesting. Very. I totally felt like I was in a different world.


  4. This was a very atmospheric piece. It felt like the start of something portentous (those pesky gods getting ready to mess with human lives.) Great work.


  5. I enjoyed this very much and would like to know what happened when the Wolf came in the morning. Did they stand united against him or did they protect themselves and their own at the expense of each other?


  6. I liked this piece very much. I interpretated it that there was never really the threat of a wolf. That he made that up so the different people would have to come together against this common and unseen enemy.


  7. Oh I really liked it! It was a nice short snippet & I like how this piece could be interpreted so many different ways, with the Wolf representing different threats for different people.

    I did enjoy reading it but it did take me just over the first paragraph to get into it.


  8. Nice. It scares me a little, though, to think of a place where lions, tigers and bears all hunt so freely, though.


  9. I like the somber tone. The dialogue drew me in, and I felt like I was sitting by the campfire watching them talk. I interpreted the end in an almost fatalistic way, which made me feel sad for their sake…


  10. I like the little details – casting a long shadow, embers floating up. Really helps create an image in your head.


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  12. […] (link to post) Ralph Pines – https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ (link to post) ishtar’sgate – http://chickenscratchbc.blogspot.ca/ (link to post) skunkmelon – […]


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