Another Ear Worm of the Week

Well, the last post didn’t get a lot of traction. I guess if it isn’t short and sweet my reader’s don’t like it (hence the kitten above).  I don’t blame them, it is what it is.

So unto today’s post, which will be incredibly short.

I’m switching internet providers from” crappy “to “oh well, this a bit better thank you” (and cheaper too). So I may not post as often as I want to, which of course means more time for writing (yeah, that’s the ticket!).

I got to say that music wise, car commercial  (this case the Sorento) are improving, as this song proves:

Hope you liked it!


14 comments on “Another Ear Worm of the Week

  1. Hope you like your new provider. I’m on dialup and can put in a good day’s procrastination just checking my e-mail!


  2. Is the time when you’re limping along with inferior internet connections the proper time to tell you that I’ve got cable internet? 🙂


    • @Carol

      I was going to say something snappy to Amy about being stuck in the 20th Century, but then you delivered the perfect comeuppance. Curse you! 😉


  3. Good luck with the new ISP. 🙂 Less internet time is rarely a bad thing, IMO –there’s just too much beautiful distraction here.


    • Well, due to “company policy” I’m stuck with the old service for the rest of the month (and they will charge me for it, of course) while I’m waiting for the new one to kick in. It means I still have an internet connection, but I also end up paying a lot of money during the switch (old charges for leaving and the new charges for installation/activation of the substitute).

      Ain’t capitalism grand! 😦


  4. Hope your new provider works out.


  5. Love that song! Good luck with your new provider!


  6. We’re with a new provider right now & it’s TORTURE! My connection lasts no longer than 15 minutes. Blogging was time consuming before & now it’s the pits. We move in a month so it’ll be better then.

    I hope you’re not too quiet over there – I enjoy your posts!


    • It has worked out fine, not fantabulous, but fine. And I have kept blogging, on my other two blogs:

      Ruins of Empire-http://ruinsofempire.wordpress.com/


      SuD- http://thewonderingswordsman.wordpress.com

      I should update this blog soon, that is as soon as I finished editing my first WIP, which frankly has taken entirely too long and it is high time I nipped that in the bud. In fact, my last short on SuD may turn out to be another BlogFest.


  7. How in the world do you manage two other blogs? I’m barely afloat with one (to say nothing of the novel…)


    • I don’t post daily, which is a bit of a problem, but then again, I try to post as often as possible. In essence I treat them all as one blog, posting in each one depending on the theme of the post. This is my main writing blog, SuD is speculative fiction/urban fantasy/anime and RoE is media/games/sci-fi.


  8. So sorry I’ve been MIA for so long…had a lot going on, but I’ve missed reading “you”! Hope all is well…and hopefully I’ll be back around more often now!! 🙂


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