The 1k Words BlogFest: Frosted Memories


Sorry for the delay. I had a rough weekend. My granddad died on Saturday and well, it is what it is.

And now for my entry for the 1k Words BlogFest


Amy watched the snow drift by her window. She could see the ephemeral reflection of her face. It had what her Mom called  ” her spaced out look”. Happened whenever her mind went blissfully blank.

“I don’t like it. You look so pathetic when you zone out like that,” her best friend Jody would say every time she caught her with that look on her face.

“But I can’t help it, it’s just…you know, I’m not sad or anything, just looking, that’s all,” Amy would say.

Would, because Amy was alone in her room, except for her hamster Tickles and her tiny yellow eyed cat Zonko. Steam rose from the hot cocoa cup that lay just under her chin. It filled her nose with a sweet warm aroma. She took another zip, careful not to swallow the tiny marshmallows her mother put on her cup every morning since Amy was five. She left them to the end so she could eat them one by one. Mario thought that was disgusting but she did it anyway.


Her brother.

Her mother named him after the race car driver. Which earned him the nickname “The Plumber”. Not that it ever bothered him. Mario was Amy’s best friend. Yes, he could be oh so annoying, as big brothers everywhere are, but he was her brother. Stood up for her in school, was a shoulder to cry on when Brandon Faulkner dumped her in the middle of the dance for that twitchy witch Melissa, and drove her and her friends to the mall when  she asked, even as her friends giggled uncontrollably around him.

She glanced at the laptop on her desk. It displayed one email message. “Hey Amy, sorry I couldn’t call you sooner or anything. Been very busy over here this last couple of days. Will be going home soon, in a week or so. Tell Mom and Dad that I love them and don’t tell Suzy, I want to surprise her.”

Zonko tail twitched as he watched Twinkle’s coming and goings inside her cage. Zonko’s spent hours watching Twinkles spin in her wheel or trot across the floor inside her plastic ball, but she fled in terror any time Twinkle roamed free across the floor in Amy’s room. Zonko was not longer a kitten but he was small and light and just as playful at three years old as if he was when Amy first got him at three months of age.

Amy grabbed Zonko by the scruff of the neck and started playing with him. She heard a strange ringing fill the air. She looked at the computer screen.

Did Jody get her IM fixed?

But nothing popped up on the screen. The ring reverberated in her ears.  Then she remembered the old doorbell, the one her Mom hated with a passion and hounded her Dad to get rid of for years. Most people used the knocker anyway, so it must be someone she didn’t know. Curiosity dragged her out of her room and down the stairs. Zonko curled up on her shoulder. Before she turned the corner she heard voices and…sobbing. Three men stood around the Dad’s recliner, but it wasn’t Amy’s Dad sitting there, as usual. No, her Dad had his hands on Mom’s shoulder. Two of the men wore dark green uniforms, festooned with little colored bars on the right breast. The third wore a black jacket and matching pants. She sensed that something was wrong, oh so very wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what it was.  Then the man in black turned toward her. She saw a flash of white, on his collar. Her eyes focused on it. The man words sounded distant, muzzled, out of place. The others joined in. They talked to her, or about her, but she could not tell.

Zonko’s slipped from Amy’s grasp. She heard a voice babble in a high pitch. “No, NO, NOOOO!” The she ran back upstairs and huddled in a corner underneath the window sill. Sobs rocked her whole frame.

Mario wasn’t coming home.

Mario would never come home.

Her big brother was dead.


Well that’s my story for the 1k Words BlogFest, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to check out the other participants:

Tom Stephenson


Carol Ward

Janna Qualman

If for some reason your name doesn’t appear in this list, please let me know.

Thank you all for participating.


10 comments on “The 1k Words BlogFest: Frosted Memories

  1. Sorry to hear about your Granddad, may he Rest in Peace.


  2. Thanks Rick. He lived to be 99 so I guess he lived long indeed.


  3. Oh Rafael, heartwrenching. You really did so well with that.

    And I’m so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for your family. *hugs*


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss Rafael. My deepest condolences.

    What a wonderfully poignant story!


  5. My sympathy on your lost.
    Your story was made all the more tender for me knowing how much you must feel her lost.
    My love, my care,


  6. Again, sorry for your loss. And I second what Simone said.
    This story was very good. I like how one minute she is relaxing with the simple joy of hot cocoa and marshamallows, and then in the next instant her world is turned upside down. A subtle, yet very strong reminder of the fragility of life.


  7. I really did enjoy that, Rafael. Did you write it before or after the death of your Grandad? I’d like to say that I am looking forward to more of the same, but I wouldn’t want you to go through that again. You know what I mean, I hope. All the best, Tom.


    • @ All

      Thank you for your kind words and praise. I’m glad you liked the story. Yes, my recent loss certainly influenced the story, but even before this Saturday I knew how it would end. I certainly did not want to go with the “girl waiting at the cafe bit” which is what the pic implied. I saw her a bit younger and more innocent than that.

      Again, thank you all and thank you to all those who chose to participate. Great shorts all.


  8. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    Regarding your work above–I agree, you did so much more than the more predictable “waiting” story. Great going. Just so sad the context…


    • One of those strange coincidences Sput. Of course had I found the right image of the angel of death, this would have been a completely different story. Maybe I’ll do that for next time.

      Thank you for the condolences Sput, I appreciate them.

      Now I got to come up with a new idea for the next BlogFest. Hope you can join us for that one.


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