Another tag, another meme, another post

Amy posted a writing meme on her site and tagged me so I decided to take up the challenge:

Your genre(s): Speculative fiction and mainstream fiction. So far I done a bit of Urban Fantasy (SuD), Science Fiction (short story) and I’m working on Dark Age Fantasy for NaNo. But while I prefer these genres, I am not restricted/defined by them.

How many books are you working on right now: Two. Revising one and writing the first draft of another.

Are you a linear or chunk writers: Linear, I think. I mean I write in big scene-like chunks but I don’t skip around. I write from beginning to end so yeah, linear.

The POV you’re partial to: Depends on the story, although I’ve settled for third person close for speculative fiction. It allows me more room to maneuver that first person but retains character intimacy.

The Tense you use: Past. Why mess with what works?

The theme(s) that keep creeping up in your books: War, fear, heartache.

How many days a week do you write:  M-F although at times I sneak out on a weekend and scribble somethings.

What time of the day you get your best writing done: Best writing? That I don’t know, but I tend to write in the afternoons and before I go to bed.

Who are your mentors: Didn’t know I needed any? That explains a lot, actually.

My favorite authors to read: Over a lifetime of books? Let see-Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling, Michael Stackpole, Hemingway, Poe, Unamuno, Swift, Arthur C. Clarke, R.A. Salvatore, William Blake, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Milton, Weis & Hickman. Those are a few I can remember from the top of my head.

Well that’s it for this meme, and now for some cool tunes:

6 comments on “Another tag, another meme, another post

  1. I tried to write in present tense once. I made it about…oh…three paragraphs and gave up. 🙂


  2. I enjoy present tense in small amounts. I’ve written a couple of short stories in that tense. But for long form? Why mess with what works?


  3. Cool to hear you enjoy William Blake. His work was amazing.


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