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Space for Rent: Zombies for All Seasons

  Tweet of the Day: More on game/sexism/representation: a response to a response to a response ——– I was watching this video the other day:     Yes, great little video, I know.  You should check out Dodger work. Now back to the subject at hand. I have posted about my feelings on zombies and […]

Weekend Roundup: May 6-12

Tweet of the Day: The Fine Line Between Insulting and Bewildering Readers ——– In this week I dip my toe into a sea of controversy, which ironically remained undisturbed, posted a bunch of stories from political calculations to zombie apocalypses.  We sure live in interesting times, don’t we? Mon: TV Tropes Monday- Adaptational Sexuality as […]

May 2012 Blog Chain: Zompocalypse

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation – 7a- Report 05122513 ——- Blog Chain time children! Starting Date: Monday, May 7, 2012 Open to all forum members, even after it starts! This month’s prompt: Zompocalypse Now! Give us your take on the zombie apocalypse, be it a zompocalypse story, a zom-com, or a reflection on […]

TV Tropes Monday: Crapsack World

Tweet of the Day: Man Against Nature-How to Make it Work ——- Is your book, TV series or movie set in a happy-go-lucky universe of rainbows and unicorns? Well, this ain’t it. This place sucks. This place stinks. It sucks the life out of you and stinks of brimstone and cat piss. You ain’t in […]

Zombies Don’t Work for Me

Tweet of the Day: Spreading the Love ——- Unless you’re using some sort of magic to make them shamble into existence, zombies don’t work for me. I know everybody is crazy about the Z-word these days, from the zombie apocalypse to the latest YA Z-Romance, but walking rotting corpses aren’t scary or lovable. Funny, oh […]

Space for Rent: Collision at the End of Time

Tweet of the Day: The music muse? ——– Turning and turning in the widening gyre     The falcon cannot hear the falconer;     Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;     Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,     The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere     The ceremony of […]