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TV Tropes Monday: Academy of Adventure

    Tweet of the Day: Research with Google Streetview  You heard of the the City of Adventure? The welcome to the Academy of Adventure. Now with more teen angst, heavier course schedule, and parents that simply do not understand why you have to fight monsters between classes! This setting is popular with YA novels and […]

TV Tropes Monday: Clingy Jealous Girl

    Tweet of the Day: The Tides of War dragged me in! ——- Hey look, Yui seems to be really into you, man. The way she hangs on your arm, the look she gives you when you make a joke. But wait, why is she staring at Yang like she wants to slam her […]

Space for Rent: Point of Change

    Tweet of the Day: The Politics of Science Fiction ——- If you, like me, exists in the world of writers and their books, you might have heard about the #WeNeedDiverseBooks social media campaign. It is a simple campaign directed at the book industry, from authors to publishers and libraries to write, publish and […]

Zombies Don’t Work for Me

Tweet of the Day: Spreading the Love ——- Unless you’re using some sort of magic to make them shamble into existence, zombies don’t work for me. I know everybody is crazy about the Z-word these days, from the zombie apocalypse to the latest YA Z-Romance, but walking rotting corpses aren’t scary or lovable. Funny, oh […]

Ban This! 2011: The Useful Useless Rating Systems

  Tweet of the Day: Queen of Everything : Essay ——- I heard whispers about establishing a rating system for book, especially Middle-Grade and YA. Not like agents and editors don’t work hard to make sure to maintain the boundaries of these books, but…. Rating systems (except for the MPAA but they have their own […]

TV Tropes Monday: Childhood Friend Romance

Tweet of the Day: From “A Continuous Story” by Anonymous ——– This trope comes into play when a couple meets at a prepubescent age (anywhere between 6-11) and create a romantic connection of some kind (even if they think boys/girls are icky).  It also requires that the couple either remain in contact with each other […]

Weekend Roundup: June 5 – 11

Tweet of the Day: 3 Easy Ways to Build Suspense ——- I noticed a few things about the blog this week: 1. The spam bots seem particularly interested in my theme/widgets.  They are getting more articulate, but not necessarily more intelligent. But they are evolving….shudder. 2. Trolls! Yes, you know your blog is going places […]

Staring Back at the Darkness

Tweet of the Day: Making the Darkness Visible —— A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has set the publishing world on fire and not in a good way. The article, title Darkness Too Visible, start thus: Amy Freeman, a 46-year-old mother of three, stood recently in the young-adult section of her local Barnes […]

Author’s Voice vs. Character’s Voice

  While defining an author’s overall voice can be tricky, it is a bit easier to do so with characters, if they stand on their own. But at times finding the daylight between the author and his characters can be difficult. It used to happen to me when I was younger that people would ask […]