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Another Friday Roundup of Writer’s Blogs

In the meantime, here are a few writer’s blogs to tie you over: Random Thoughts/Random Writings:  Carol’s most excellent pair of blogs. Poetry, history and Space Opera in serial blog form, what more can you ask for? Exactly! The Bookshelf Muse: A writer’s blog and writing resource all rolled into one (I think I said […]

All That He Knows….

This post is an offshoot of a past post about unreliable narrators although it applies to characters in general but specifically character(s)-as-narrator or POV character. A question(s) that a writer must always ask himself is: What does the character know? And… When did he know it? Writers must be careful on how they doled out […]

A Cloud Over Us

There is something is in the air, but I don’t know what it is. It seems that a bug has bitten many in my extended online writer’s community, as you can see here, here and here.  Maybe it’s the season.  Blogs ignored, computers keys silent, pens abandoned and rooms silent. I admit that I suffered […]

Banned Books Month-A Writer’s Responsability

  Or what I like to call, the Other Side of the Coin (capitalized for your convenience). But what do I mean by that? Simple, creators of works (books, games, movies) have to step up to the plate and assume responsibility for their work. It’s not enough to say “change the channel”. Nor is it […]

You Can’t Fight the Feeling

Nope, you can’t. And I don’t mean that loving feeling. I mean your gut, your instincts. Let me explain. A month or so back I announced the end of my editing process. All I had to do was type it up, write the query letter and off to join the ranks of published authors. Except […]

Another Writer’s Meme

I got tagged by Amy to join another writer’s meme: What was the last thing you wrote? A couple of shorts for my Flash Fiction Friday posts. On the novel front I finished the first draft of my second novel, titled Sturm und Drang. Come August I go back to edit that monster. Was it […]


Did I mention I suck? Because I do according to these choice words: If you are a English Literature graduate I’d expect fewer grammatical errors in your query. and, You are still not in command of the English language No wonder my Betas passed on my book! Damn! Aaaargh!