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Weekend Roundup: July 14-20

Tweet of the Day: The Psychology of Disappointment and & Our Characters ——- This was a weird week to be sure.  On Wednesday night the sky literally exploded with thunder an it poured all day Thursday only for all the water to evaporate on by Friday morning. Insanity one day, normality the next. Which kinds of […]

Weekend Roundup: July 7-13

Tweet of the Day: The Incredible 3D Fantasticator: the inventor of Chitty Bang Bang ——- The heat is on and it’s on the street…. No really, it’s bloody hot in here. Puts my brain into a stupor of sorts. Yet, I must carry on, and in the spirit of carrying on, I give the week […]

Weekend Roundup: June 30 – July 6

  Tweet of the Day:  A Rainbow for a Lost Cat ——- The dog days of summer are here and the blog has slowed down a bit. Not to worry, things are still rolling along, just at a slower pace: Mon: TV Tropes- The Western Wed: July 2013 Blog Chain- The Dog Days of Summer […]

Weekend Roundup: May 19-25

Tweet of the Day: 3 Ways to Add Repetition That Pleases Readers ——- Here we go again. Not a good day. Lousy internet connection all week, off this morning, then I loose my bank card. Grrr…. Yeah, just one of those days, eh! But I’m still here, in one piece so lets see what last […]

Weekend Roundup: May 5-11

Tweet of the Day: On Characterization… ——– You may have noticed a bit of a schedule slip. I’m putting WWW back in its old time slot on Thursdays. The whole game design thing has taken far more time and energy than I thought. Great mental exercise and all but it takes a lot of time. […]

Weekend Rounup: April 7th-13th

  Tweet of the Day: Crashing the Party: Women in SF and Fantasy Month ——- I screwed up again! Another week full of filler. Truth be told, I’m juggling several projects (to be announce later). That means less brain space for the blog. A shame to since I really want to get back to WWW. […]

Weekend Roundup: March 24th-30th

Tweet of the Day: Live from the Tube ——- Who has two thumbs and it is a lazy blogger? This guy! Yep, I neglected this blog for most of the week. I guess it comes with the territory. For some reason Easter (the week) doesn’t sit well with me. Never has. Must be because I […]