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TV Tropes: Love to Hate

    Tweet of the Day: Stranger Things: A Dungeons & Dragons History Check I sign of good writing is when a story contains one or more villains that we Love to Hate. A good villain is one that the audience relishes even as they despise them. But creating such a character is not easy. […]

TV Tropes: Predatory Business

    Tweet of the Day: Writers of the Future Recap, Part 1: The Story   Need a Big Bad ™ in a story set in a small town? One that incorporates all the evils of the modern world? Bring out the Predatory Business! A soulless corporate entity that cares nothing about tradition, human interactions […]

TV Tropes Monday: I Own This Town

    Tweet of the Day: Bringing Balance to the Force: The Women of Star Wars Episode VII ——- “I Own This Town,” is a phrase usually uttered by the big wig in a given place which runs the gamut from small village to a planet, depending on the scale of setting. The key to […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Fundamentalist

  Tweet of the Day: Episode 26- Get Urras back to Anarres ——– The Fundamentalist, the perfect card carrying villain, unyielding in its beliefs and willing to do anything to fulfill them. They make for implacable enemies that simply will not give up. A good way to justify hordes of goons throwing themselves at the […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sealed Evil in a Can

Tweet of the Day: Talents and Skill Thesaurus Entry: Throwing One’s Voice ——- It’s a trope as old as time, according to several mythologies including the Greeks. Person is walking along, minding their business when they stumble upon a box, door, or other closed object or area. Curiosity gets the better of them and they […]

TV Tropes: Affably Evil/Faux Affably Evil

Tweet of the Day: Smuggler’s Rest ——– A villain being nice? Kind of runs contrary to what a villain is supposed to be. Villains are supposed to be treacherous, murderous, sadistic bastards, not help little old ladies with their groceries. Yet this lot is willing to conquer the world, kick dogs, and torture millions in […]

TV Tropes Monday: The Chessmaster vs. Opportunistic Bastard

      Tweet of the Day: Norse Beserker Warriors as Medieval Chess Pieces ——- Few things mark the intelligence of a character as making him The Chessmaster, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. The Chessmaster gifts include extraordinary foresight, the ability to manipulate situations/people and what often makes him a villain, the willingness […]

TV Tropes Monday: Path of Inspiration

  Tweet of the Day: Inspiration ——– Regardless of how logical we think we are, we all, yes everybody, believes in something that is irrational or unproven. The Path of Inspiration was built to exploit this. I know, I know, some of you are thinking that all religions fit the bill. But no, we are […]

TV Tropes Monday: Hero Antagonist

Tweet of the Day: BANNED BOOKS: THE ENTIRE WEEK ——— The Hero Antagonist reminds us that the words Protagonist/Antagonist are not synonyms for Hero/Villain respectively. Their are many reasons for to have a heroic figure as a antagonist to the story protagonist. The first is that the protagonist is no hero. The narrative is centered […]

Necessary Heroes No.4: Getting the Band Back Together II

Tweet of the Day: AW October Blog Chain – “Some Things Dark & Dangerous” ——- Intro – No.3 – No.5 ——- Uptown Speed Race Track September 6, 8:49 hrs “The interface synch is off by 0.07 and I don’t like the new tires, they don’t have as much grip as the last one,” said the […]