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Tru-Fans(tm) vs. Consumers

  Tweet of the Day: An Interview with Jim Sterling about sexism in game culture ——– The eternal struggle between the dedicated Tru-Fans™ vs. the Considerate Consumer:   ——–  

Space for Rent: E3-Exposed to the Lights and Mirrors

    Tweet of the Day: The Racism Beat ——- Once again E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest event in the video game industry calendar, has arrived. A lot of noise and fury signifying…very little actually.  It is a parade of industry spokesmen in front of thousands of fans and game journalist onto a […]

Space for Rent: Ever Vigilant

Tweet of the Day: When Does Fan Fiction Cross an Ethical Line ——- In a stunning reversal for the video game industry, Microsoft announced that it will not longer require a regular online check (every 24 hours) on its next gen console, the Xbox One. This has been chalked up as a victory for consumers […]