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Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 17: A Cup of Tea

Tweet of the Day: Where lies the border between Voice and Style? ——- Season 1 – Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 16 – Dispatch 18 ——- Thames River House, London, UK, 29 July 03:36 hrs GMT Judith McAllister, Head of Britain’s Security Service, rounded the old oak desk. she poured a cup of tea from […]

Wizards’ World War (s.2): Dispatch 13- London Calling Pt. II

Tweet of the Day: Baldur as Old Norse Answer to Jesus ——– Season 1 – Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 12 – Dispatch 14 ——– Whitechapel, City of London, UK, 26 July, 00:35 hrs GMT London burned. London panicked. London fought. The firestorm illuminated the  dark city skyline. Made it easier to track the devastation […]

Wizards’ Word War (s.2): Dispatch 12- London Calling Pt. 1

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Stubborn ——– Season 1 – Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 11 – Dispatch 13 ——– London Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady ——– City of London, UK, 25 July, 20:30 hrs GMT London calling, yes, I was there, […]

Wizards’ World War (s.2): Dispatch 10- The Weight of Ages

Tweet of the Day: Appraising the Year to Date ——– Season 1 – Dispatch 1 (s.2) – Dispatch 9– Dispatch 11 ——– Chequers, Prime Ministers Country House, Buckinghamshire, 7 March, 09:38 hrs GMT He gave up the pretense of avoiding the window. The longer he stayed in any one room, the more he wondered to […]

NaStyRoMo 2012: Wants and Needs

Tweet of the Day: Aesir Legal (I) ——— NastyRoMo 2012 – The Wolf and the Songbird – A Long Way Back – Under the Stars So the great experiment in paranormal romance comes to an end. A tip of the heart to all those who supported me with advice, comments and general encouragement. I hope […]

NaStyRoMo 2012: The Wolf and the Songbird

Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry-Clever ——– As promised here is  my entry in the NaStyRomo 2012 chain. A big thanks to Aheïla for encouraging me to go out of my comfort zone. I hope this little story lives up to her expectations. A long way back – Under the Stars – Wants and […]

Wizards’ World War (S.2): Dispatch 2- The Winter of Our Discontent

Tweet of the Day: Becoming the High King ——- Season 1 – Dispatch 1 – Dispatch. 3 ——- Caldicot, Sir Fynwyn, Principality of Wales, 14 December, 07:41 hrs GMT Tom announced his presence by the sound of heavy booted stomps up the stairs. He slammed the door open. The sound thundered through the house. “Gwen!” […]

Urban Fantasy: The Hunter

Tweet of the Day: Antagonist – The Alpha and the Omega of the Story ——- The Hunter is the common lead in Urban Fantasy stories. He/She  is tasked with fighting the supernatural evil that lurks in the night(mares). They come in several flavors: The Chosen One: Also know as the Buffy. This individual has the […]