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Sunday Tweet: Six Sentence Sunday-Starfall

I saw this on Aheïla blog and decided to give it a go. Of course, she is much better at it than me, but still I’ll give it a try. Don’t forget to click on the link and check her place out. You won’t regret it. ——- For my six sentences I’ll use my unfinished […]

The Sunday Tweet: Off Limits or Facing Collective Responsibility

Tweet of the Day: Off Limits ——– It is easy, all too easy to point at one person and say, “This is all your fault!” More so when they are the prime instigator of whatever act(s) we judge them by. Yet, when it comes to the responsibility of second of third parties, we tend to […]

Weekend Roundup: November 20-26

  Tweet of the Day: Character Trait Entry: Wise ——- A week full of opinions, wacky commentary and even a fan fic or two. Go figure! Sun: The Sunday Tweet- Carpetbaggery or Manning the Ghetto’s Barricades. Mon: Take some artistic license in TV Tropes Monday-Putting on the Reich. Tu:  A return to the Mass Effect […]

Weekend Roundup: August 28-September 3

Tweet of the Day: Shields in Fantasy ——– This week post fell a bit short on account of the fact that I skipped over the Sunday Tweet. I could say that I didn’t find a suitable tweet, but the truth was that I was immersed in Dragon Age: Origins and did not come up for […]

Sunday Tweet: Elements of Style

Tweet of the Day: Elements of Style (Comic) This will be a short post. The excellent Polenth Blake at Polenth’s Quill wrote an equally short post around a panel of the xkcd webcomic. She was curious about the stylistic reasons of drawing certain stick figures with hair while most of them did not have it […]

Re-Post: The Last Bout

Tweet of the Day: AW June Blog Chain: Setting the Scene ——– The afternoon sun beat down on Hadrian’s exposed skin. The harsh light glinted of the naked steel of his sword. The roar of the crowd washed over him. He was their favorite, their champion. He ignored it all by counting the clanks as […]

Repost: On Politics, Religion and Speculative Fiction

  Tweet of the Day: Who is the Greatest Dragon? ——– In the spirit of full, honest and complete disclosure, I am a liberal. Why did I just write that? Because it informs my worldview and by extension my writing. So does my religion or lack thereof (I am an agnostic). Anyone that thinks that […]

Sunday Tweets: How to write a Query Letter

Tweet of the Day: How to write a Query Letter ——- The dreaded query letter. Unless you already jumped into the self publishing bandwagon, you are still doing the publishing rounds, and that means: Write Book Revise Book Re-write Book Write Query Letter Get Agent Revise Manuscript (again) Offer Manuscript to Publishers (through agent) Sell […]

Sunday Tweets: Pants of Fire

Tweet of the Day: Pants on Fire ——- This Sunday tweet is brought to you by the letter P for Plagiarism. pla·gia·rism [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-] Show IPA –noun 1. the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. 2. something used and […]

Sunday Tweets: Science Fiction as a Genre

Tweet of the Day: Why Science Fiction May Not Be A Genre ——– I found the post linked to above as a well executed and fascinating read on science fiction in general. The thrust of the post revolved around science fiction as a genre. It incorporates over one-hundred and fifty years of works, in book, […]